KEYZY WooCommerce Integration Plugin (New Feature)

Software License Manager and WooCommerce Integration is easy with KEYZY. If you’re selling your software through a WooCommerce store, KEYZY has a painless integration solution for you.

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New Feature: Software Activations

Managing licenses and their activations is an important action for monetizing your software today, especially when you want to be sure you’re not missing…

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3 Activation Strategies for Your Software

We live in an online world and in it, almost every software company uses active communication with their customers. This gives them many opportunities to get to know their customers and find out what they expect from their products. In other words, every online business should be customer-centric, especially if it’s niche. But what if the activation strategies you use are making you lose customers? How do you know which activation strategies are better for your business?

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client library

New Feature: C++ Client Library Ready

Supervising or executing every step of product development can be a lot of work for you. And if you’re coding the product…

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Lovely Bundles

Bundles are good for sales. Dealers like them just as customers do. The reason why dealers like them is that they can combine and sell…

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bonus service

Should You Use Bonus Solutions?

I see some services out there offer customers more than one solution which is great. The tricky part is the way these solutions are…

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Your time is very important

Your Time is very Important!

In the 21st century, time management is the most important issue we need to take care of. Successful businesses are aware of that…

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keyzy frontend is ready

The Frontend is Ready

From the beginning, I’ve wanted Keyzy to be a service that feels constantly useful. Every time you sign in, I want you to be able to…

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Announcing Keyzy

The issue I have with the other serial number managers that are currently on the market is that their software requires heavy set up and continuous…

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