Are you tired of the costly license managers? We were.

Our Story

Software industry has advanced by leaps and bounds in the last decade, but software licensing has not. 

The licensing solutions available in the market today are mostly enterprise-centric, not corresponding to the special needs of smaller-sized software companies. 

Independent software vendors have been obliged to either bear the heft costs or develop their own software license managers. Such a time and energy-intensive task.

We had a similar trouble at Volko Audio; our first-born brand. 

So we built a revolutionary new software license manager from the ground up. We have created a product that we love and actually use ourselves.

Now, business owners and developers can monetize their digital efforts more securely and in a painless manner. 

Our objective is to make software licensing accessible to software vendors of all sizes selling digital products online.


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Photo by Chunlea Ju on Unsplash