Easy License Management

One way software developers can monetize their products and solutions is to use licensing. As a commercial software development company, you need easy license management tools to generate, distribute and manage the licenses of those using your software.

What is license management?

License management is the process of generating and distributing licenses for your software to manage who has access, in addition to when and where it is used. License management solutions define the entitlements and authorizations of your users. These entitlements include the number of users who can use the software, endpoint counts, and whether your software requires the internet to function.

Why do I need a license management solution?

License Management tools are essential for every business that intends to monetize its software products. First, it automates the entitlement of your customers and makes it easy for you to know how many customers (sites) have installed your software and their authorizations. Again, it makes it easy to bundle your products and sell them through one license.

Why should I choose KEYZY as my Software Management Solution?

First, KEYZY is user-friendly. The user interface is straightforward and easy to navigate. It supports online activation from anywhere. Semi-online and offline activation modes are also supported for applications written in C++. Furthermore, KEYZY is in the cloud; this means you are guaranteed near 100% uptime; you don’t need to worry about managing an on-premise server or budgeting and planning for high availability and disaster recovery mechanisms. KEYZY integrates with other solutions, including WooCommerce and Zapier, and it’s also budget-friendly.

How does KEYZY simplify license management?

KEYZY adopts an easy license management framework that helps you to license your software in three modules which are:


When a customer purchases a perpetual license, the person obtains permanent ownership of the use of the product through a one-time payment. Although, revenue can still be generated through an annual maintenance fee.


In a subscription model, users of your software pay to use the software for a particular time frame. Their access to the application is revoked at the end of the subscription.


A trial version provides prospective customers with an opportunity to try the software. Their access is revoked when the trial expires (usually after 30 days).


A license management tool is a brilliant way to monetize your software, and KEYZY offers you a simplified and easy tool to achieve this goal. If your company is looking for ways to generate and distribute software licenses, contact us today!