"What Sets KEYZY Apart From Other Software License Managers in the Market?"

The 5 Ways KEYZY Is Different

#1: Affordable prices

Independent software vendors (ISVs) often seesaw between two options of developing their own licensing manager software, a highly time and energy-consuming task, and bearing the hefty prices that the market has to offer, which is often exceeding their budgets. We aim to find a compromise between these two options. KEYZY offers affordable prices without compromising an high-level software licensing management quality. Our objective is to make software licensing accessible to software vendors of all sizes selling digital products online.

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#2: Easy-To-Setup

Another important factor setting KEYZY apart is our user friendly C++ client library, which is a huge advantage for our clients for integrating KEYZY into their software. Just over a 30-minute setup, KEYZY will be ready to smoothly run and help you manage your software licenses and monetize your digital products. We aspire to simplify software licensing by any means possible.

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#3: Made for SMEs

Software licensing services available on the market today are mostly enterprise-centric equipped with features not corresponding to the special needs of small and midsize ISVs. KEYZY, on the other hand, is tailor-made for small and midsize businesses vending their software products online in need of certain online and offline licensing solutions. All big businesses start small. So we would like to grow alongside our customers.

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#4: Strong Offline Activation

With the needs of independent software vendors developing offline digital products in mind, KEYZY rolled out semi-online activation schema. It facilitates the burdensome offline activation process for developers. You can easily activate your licenses online and operate it right away for your offline digital products.

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#5: 1-to-1 Customer Relations

We understand that a satisfied customer is the best business strategy of all. That is why we developed KEYZY tailor-made to the needs of our customers. We carefully listen to our clients and their feedbacks are always taken into consideration while adding new features or rolling out new products. From integrating KEYZY into your software to any technical, software-related issues... We take care of our customers individually.

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