Looking for DevMate?

Don’t let your business be interrupted. We sadly heard that DevMate cuts off its license management services for the developers.

If you worry such a cease would halt your business interactions with your customers, don’t. Because we are luckily here for you.

In Keyzy, we promise painless license-management solutions and help you monetize your apps and software. Just over a 30-minute free-of-charge setup you can easily integrate KEYZY to your system and generate, deposit and activate your licenses easily.

Thanks to the cloud-based KEYZY Servers, you do not need to worry about server-related issues like set-up costs and constant upgrades. KEYZY also assists you with a dealer management tool so that you can track the usage of your license by your customers. Control how many copies of your software is used simultaneously. Or, set on a single serial number that activates many products in your bundle.

Try on our simple plans according to your needs, namely the starter, single, studio and business options.

If you are worried that your ongoing business is to be halted, leave your mail and we invite you to experience the painless solutions of KEYZY.